Bliss Petals Botanical Garden in Songculan, Dauis, Bohol

Bliss Petals Botanical Garden, Bohol is the newest tourist spot in the Province of Bohol. Botanical gardens are a blessing and an absolute bliss to watch, especially for folks who love plants and nature. More than just a sight to behold, botanical gardens are also a great resource for plant conservation, and even an outstanding place to buy gorgeous flora.

Photos credit to owner

Bliss Petals Botanical Garden
Soft Opening March 5, 2019
@ Songculan, Dauis, Bohol
near Songculan Church in front of the Yellow House.

For inquires pls. contact EMMAN
Smart 0918 917 7750
Globe 0917 506 3245

Dauis, a municipal of Panglao Island, is one of the must see towns in Bohol. Connecting the town to Tagbilaran City is the Songculan Riverside Bridge.

Jeepneys are public transportation to the Island. You can pick it up at Tagbilaran’s Dao Terminal or near Tagbilaran City Square. The journey takes about an hour, and the fare is around 20 pesos one way and per person and just inform the driver to drop you off Songculan Church in front of the Yellow House.

The least expensive option from the Bohol airport or any part of Tagbilaran City is a Tricycle. It costs about half of the regular taxi fare. The tricycle drivers in Bohol are friendly, and the trip is safe.