Avoid using mobile phone while driving

by - 3:54:00 AM

A car accident hit at Al-Hassa during Eid Holidays when we went to Al-Ghara cave to lighten up. OMG! a bloody road encounter . Grrrr! I was not able to slept well at night.

There are billions of mobile phone subscribers in the world, a large percentage of who often use their phones while driving. This practice has raised anxiety about road safety . The use of mobile phones while driving, whether hands free leads to poor driving performance can increase your chances of being involved in an accident. The home of business center provide some tips regarding education, health, self improvement and etc.

 Tips to avoid an accident by using mobile phones:
  • Let the passenger answer it
  • Let the phone go through to the voice mail.
  • Pull over safety to the side of the road away from the traffic and park before answering the call.
  • Return the call at the later time when it safe to talk.

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