Day 2: Vigan City Tour - Baluarte ni Chavit, The Mira Hills, Pagburnayan Jar Making

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On the second day we visited the Baluarte ni Chavit, The Mira Hills, and Pagburnayan Jar Making.

Baluarte ni Chavit

Our first destination was Governor Chavit Singson's Baluarte. A fifteen minute drive from Vigan City. It is owned by Ilocus Sur Governor Luis "Chavit" Singson. Commonly dubbed "Baluarte ni Singson", or "Baluarte ni Chavit".It is a major tourist destination in the Province of Ilocos Sur.  Baluarte is a wildlife sanctuary dedicated to facilitating education, conservation and protection of endangered species and wildlife.
There are species of birds including ostriches and peacocks as well as mammals like monkeys and deer's. There are also few reptiles in the area.You will also get to see ostriches running across the huge hectares and a good look of his well-loved tigers. You can enjoy amazing adventure feeding the animals, riding in a pony-drawn carriage and watching animal show.
But of course, the Superstar is Harry the Tiger. I wanted to have pic with it, too, but waaaaahhh katakot

In other corner of Baluarte lies a Butterfly Garden, which is home to different species of butterflies. Perhaps,one of the loveliest part of the place.

The Mira Hills - Filipino Spanish Friendship Park, Vigan City
It was nice to see that Chavit Singson really makes sure his animals are healthy and have their freedom to roam around. There are more to see and more to do in Baluarte. Going there will surely be a surprising adventure.
Mira Hills Park, the city ecological park.This site is dedicated to the enduring historic and cultural ties between the people of Vigan and Spain.
The Mira Hills, originally called " Pagbantayan ", is one of the most significant historical site in the city where a watch tower was constructed during the Spanish period to observe the approach of galleons and pirates.
This is a popular place for outings and picnics. The place is not that huge, but there are a lot of trees that provide a nice shade and a home to some species of birds. There is a swimming pool and amphitheater. A cylindrical water reservoir at the peak of the hill has provide tap water to the city . It is elevated location also that makes it a great place for panoramic view of the Vigan City.
Pagburnayan Jar Making

This is where the traditional burnay jars of varied shapes, designs and sizes are made. You can experience pottery making with your bare hands for free!

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