First Bowling Experience

by - 11:45:00 PM

Last Friday, I took bowling for the first time with some of our friends Dr. Joey and Mark. It's an achievement to be able to throw that ball and to hit the pins! Awesome!

One of the most important things is finding a ball that fits your hand and is the right weight. Your thumb should not be too tight or too loose, just snug. Be sure to use your middle two fingers rather than your middle finger and your pointer finger. When you actually bowling, be relaxed--it helps a lot. You don't want to roll the ball as hard as you can. Just focus on rolling the ball rather than throwing it. 

I never bowled in my life hahaha but my first bowling experience was really fun. We played at Robinson's Ermita bowling center. I think it's a good bonding activity for friends. Not only that it exercises arm and leg muscles, also the brain.
Thank you to Dr. Joey for the experience, you were the reason my first Bowling experience was fantastic! hahaha...

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