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When someone mentions a holiday to the beautiful Portugal the first thing you probably think of is expensive luxury breaks. However, why not travel and see a bit of the country before you have a week of blissed out beach time. Luxury holidays to Portugal don’t have to go out of the window completely, so here, we advise on the best use of a two-week holiday whereby you can explore Portugal via backpacking for the first seven days then for the latter half of the break enjoy an indulgent experience in an all inclusive resort.

BackPacking- Week 1

To begin your break fly into either Lisbon or Porto airport, where very competitively priced flights can be found from the UK, with both being very popular European travel hubs. Once into Portugal it is up to you whether you use their rail system, the state owned ‘CP’ or hire a car to see the many sights this Mediterranean country has to offer.

With the most reliable climate in Europe Portugal is the perfect place to backpack as, in peak season (between June-September), can almost guarantee sun and temperatures of around 30 degrees. Porto is beautiful, traditional and crammed with history along the banks of the Rio Douro (which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Ericeira, is a small town north of Lisbon which is world renown for the best European surf and has regular contests. This town is a really pretty blend of old and new Portugal and many locals visit here in the season due to the perfect water conditions as well as climate.

If you have enough of the hustle and bustle head to Sintra, which is a real cultural hidden gem. The palaces and gardens of this hilltop town are breathtaking and the Palacio Nacional, a gothic palace, is also definitely worth a visitas it now contains a museum. Make sure you invest in a map for Sintra as the street arrangement can be quite confusing, especially after sampling some of the locally grown wine.

To finish your tour, if you have time, visit Lisbon a popular stop off for backpackers but with plenty to offer. Partake in some of the vibrant nightlife, get around on the metro or even take a ferry to the energetic resort beach resort of Caparica.

All Inclusive Resort- Week 2

After lots of sightseeing and time spent in a warm car or public transport enjoy some time away from the rat race to truly chill out and be waited on hand and foot.

The Da Balaia resort caters for couples, families as well as die-hard golf fans, due to having its own dedicated golf academy. Serving elegant and fresh cuisine, within a comfortable and contemporary environment the accommodation here really is second to none. If you happen to have the children with you there are daily clubs to keep them entertained whilst you catch some rays or take part in the free sports clubs including volleyball, pilates or archery, amongst others.With impressive facilities ranging from numerous swimming pools, live music, mini golf and festive themed evenings this sections of your holiday is just that; a holiday. No planning needed as everything is on your doorstep, pure perfection!

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