Moving my holidays out of the house

by - 1:19:00 PM

One sweet month of holidays ahead – I can’t wait. But I’m not making the same mistake I made last break. I spent (almost) my entire holidays in my jim-jams. And that’s kind of wrong.

(It’s kind of right, too. While there was a lot of slouchy couch-time, there were also some seriously needed catch-ups, cup-cake bake-offs and movie nights.)

I love nothing more than to mooch. But once the holidays were over, everyone else seemed to have stories of festivals, travels and new men (all topped off with a tan). And I saw the error of my ways.

So seize the holidays! That’s my new motto. And it’s an easy one to live up to. Changing gear isn't going to require much more than, ah, changing my gear, pulling on my boots and leaving the house. But I've got even bigger plans too.

Mexico is top of my list, but the budget says no. I’m still trying to figure out a way to trick my parents into paying for it – tickets, insurance, accommodation and all. (So far I've come up with: “It’s a field trip. And, uh, are we with Allianz?” Ideas? Anyone?)

Plan B is a creative break. That means scouring the charity shops for stuff I can use for a crafty project or two, and maybe a few gallery trips for inspiration. But I still think I’ll go stir-crazy thinking about where else in the world I could be. So maybe I’ll use the excess energy to get fit. Maybe.

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