Scenic Routes for Driving Through Europe

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There are some wonderful destinations in Europe and many of them can be accessed by travelling by car from one country to the next.  Some countries in Europe are vast in comparison to the UK, so unless you have an extended period of holiday it may be sensible to tackle some of these glorious driving routes one by one.

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One particular route known as the ‘Black Forest’ will take you all the way to Baden Baden which lies just to the West of Stuttgart. Travellers can start off in Switzerland, or the most southern German city Freiburg, and drive their way up the south west coast of Germany taking in the glorious lush greens of the forest and its surrounding mountains. The route 500 will take you right along this unbelievable spectacle. It is advised to avoid attempting this trip in the winter months as sometimes the roads can be closed due to snowfall.

Another fantastic drive is along the Amalfi coast which is located on the southern side of Italy. It has a spectacular natural landscape and during the drive you will be able to embrace the impressive views of ancient ruins, quaint villages and of course the Mediterranean Sea.Ravello happens to be one of these quaint villages and it is renowned for being a romantic getaway. It offers sublime views as it sits 365 metres above the sea. The weather is glorious in the summer making it perfect to go the beach or aboard someone’s boat where you can sail off into the Mediterranean Sea.

The winding back roads of Provence in southern France remain a popular driving destination, especially in the summer when you can take advantage of the fantastic climate. There are a number famous vineyards, castles and small villages with a lot of character and history to see along the way giving you plenty of opportunity to make overnight pit stops. Gordes is located in the south east of France and is worth visiting at least for the day, if not overnight. Similar to Ravello in the sense that it sits around 373 metres above sea level, Gordes resides in what is known as the Luberon Valley. There are a number of hills in this region which means you will be offered some glorious views. The hike may not be easy, but you could always take a picnic and drinks up with you and relax whilst you take in the scenery. Sénanque Abbey is a Cistercian abbey which is close to the village and surrounded by fields of Lavender. There is a guided tour but it is just as pleasant to wonder around and marvel at the restored architecture and Monk dormitories.

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