Top 5 Countries to Tour Before You Die

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All sorts of things can make it onto your bucket list: learning a language, getting your dream job, writing a novel. What about travel? With all the destinations in the world to choose from to add to your list, we’ve done the legwork for you and narrowed down the top five countries to tour before you die.


Steeped in history, with a pristine coastline and unique cuisine, Vietnam is at once energetic and laidback. Hire a bike and tour the Old Town before participating in Hoi An Legendary Night, held each month on the full moon. This festival transforms the Old Town into a wonderland of colourful lanterns with performers reciting poetry and performing opera dotted along the street. Whether you’re taking a leisurely boat cruise in Halong Bay, exploring the unspoiled magnificence of Phong Nha Cave or having a suit custom made in Hanoi, Vietnam is a must-tour destination.


The quintessential destination for many travellers, France makes it onto our list for the multitude of experiences at your fingertips. Cycle through the Loire valley, stopping in at vineyards on the way for wine tasting; pay your respects to Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf in Paris; and then continue your tour in Brittany by sampling the abundant seafood and taking a walk on the beach. There’s so much more to France than baguettes.

New Zealand

Once described by comedian Cal Wilson as “Fisher Price: My First Country”, New Zealand is still beautiful in its simplicity. If you’ve got a daredevil streak there are endless opportunities for bungy jumping and skydiving. Wildlife lovers will look forward to meeting dolphins, whales and rare birds. Active travellers will make the most of the snow season on the ski fields and foodies can explore the cafes, restaurants and specialty stores scattered through Auckland, Wellington and everywhere in between.


Despite being known as Europe’s vacation hotspot, Croatia is still remarkably untouched. Hire a boat and travel down the coast to discover fishing villages, secluded coves and beautiful islands. For food lovers with sophisticated tastes, the Truffle Days Festival is not to be missed as you participate in a truffle hunt with a local tartufalo before attending the festival in Livade.


Boasting arguably the best wildlife parks in Africa and the natural wonder that is Victoria Falls, Zambia is the perfect holiday destination for keen fisherman as the Zambezi River brings anglers from all over the world to fish for Sharptooth Catfish-Barbel and Tiger Fish. The river is also great for canoeing as you make your way past crocodiles, elephants and hippopotamuses. And don’t forget to spend the night in a thatched grass hut in one of the national park bushcamps.

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