7 fantastic things to do in Havana

If you love exciting holidays Cuba is a great choice of destination and here are 7 fantastic things to do if you visit the capital, Havana.

1) Stay with a local
Rather than staying in a hotel in Cuba you can sleep in what are known as casas particulars. They are technically private homes where you can stay and they are a great way to immerse yourself in local life and culture.

2) Check out Old Havana
If you want to learn about the Heritage of Cuba then you should not miss the opportunity to step into Old Havana. Here you can see some fantastic architecture from previous centuries and there are museums which will teach you yet more about old Cuba and Old Havana.

3) Shake your thing
Havana is the capital of rumba so you should really give it a go if you venture to this city. It is a passionate dance, like the people who live here, and it could awake all kinds of passions in you.

4) Explore the revolution
Cuba is famous for its communist political standpoint and the revolution that led to this state of affairs. In Havana you can learn much more about Che Guevara and the revolution that he was an integral part of. He’s not just a face on student posters after all!

5) Hit the beach
As well as all the urban attractions Havana is home to some gorgeous beaches, and you could do much worse than the Playas del Este if you want to spend some time on the white sand, and dip in the gorgeous blue ocean.

6) Taste Cuban cuisine
Havana is a great place to be if you are hungry. Here you can find some fantastic Latin food full of tasty herbs and spices that will make your mouth water and your stomach rumble.

7) Enjoy a cigar
You can’t go to Cuba and not smoke a proper Cuban cigar, so you should check out the Cigar Museum and then find a backstreet cigar dealer so that you can buy a cigar without getting ripped off by the tourist shops. These cigars really are special so you should probably take a few home for your friends too – it would be a shame not to.

Image credit to beachcomberpete.com