Gangsters, Ghouls, and Ghosts: Chicago’s Unusual Tours

What don’t you know about the next place you intend to visit?  The value of a trip is enhanced by learning new things rather than what you already knew.  For example, what do you know about Chicago?  Did you know its history if filled with mystery, crime, and decadent dining opportunities?
Chicago Skyline
The ‘windy city,’ home to one of the oldest baseball parks, and a major metropolitan hub of central America.  That’s common knowledge.  However, how much do you know about the city’s history?  For example, the city hosts ‘haunted’ tours, involving the bloody legacy of notorious killer, H.H. Holmes.  Have you ever experienced Chicago lights at night from the perspective of a segway tour?

Chicago is a popular tourist destination, but what’s pleasantly surprising is the number of activities to pursue and tours to experience once one’s there.  Is a trip to Chicago in your future?  Consider taking the following tours.

Food Tours
Who has the best pizza crust and delicious toppings in Chicago?  A number of eatery owners are quick to boast their establishment is the best, but touring and hungry enthusiasts are eager to make their own decisions on one of Chicago’s many food tours.  The pizza tours bus takes eaters on a ride through deep-dish restaurants, meeting staff and owners, and (of course) sampling some of the best pies in the city.

Water Tours
Why experience Chicago by land alone?  Take a stroll down the Chicago River on a kayak, choosing a ‘green’ method of seeing the city and its larger structures from afar.  View incredibly structured iron bridges, skyscrapers, greenery surrounding the river, and passing ships making way toward Lake Michigan.  Hotels in Illinois, Chicago present an incredible view of the city, but it’s nothing like viewing from the water.  Get good pictures and healthy exercise during a kayak tour.

Haunted Tour
Did you know about the spooky history of Chicago’s darker side, involving the legacy of infamous killer, H. H. Holmes?  These nighttime, paranormal tours take visitors on a special investigation, stopping at Flounder’s Bar and Grill, current host to an ongoing ghost investigation.  This tour is featured in the famous ‘Weird Chicago’ magazine and a favorite to a number of visitors.  You’ve never been on a haunted tour like this.

Untouchable Tour
You’re visiting Chicago in the 21st century, but what was it like back in the roaring 1920s?  This inventive tour takes visitors on a two-hour journey, tracing the tracks of legendary mobsters, Al Capone, Moran, Dillinger, and others.  See the site of the Biograph Theater, the scene of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, and more.  Of course, this gangster tour is led by staff in character and costume, ensuring visitors are kept on their toes.

Bike Tour
You’ll need to burn off all those calories from the pizza tour, so it’s a good idea to also schedule in some light exercise via a bike tour.  However, this is a bikes and brew tour, so it’s not all work – there’s definitely play to be had!  Travel 14 miles throughout the city, stopping at eateries, breweries, and the city’s most-popular neighborhoods.

There are traditional ways to visit and experience a city, and then there are new, exciting, and incredibly unique ways to tour Chicago.  What’s your preferred method of touring?

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