Visit to Porto Vecchio | Sea and mountains

Sea and mountains, mountains and sea. The island of Corsica offers remote beaches and others that are crowded. In turn, a few miles and many curves away you can return to the tranquility of the interior and the lap of snow covered mountains.

After visiting Corte Corsica we got back to the shore. We took the N-200 and headed east. We toured a nice leafy area following the course of a river whose waters we were greeting in each bend of the road. Black clouds loomed on the horizon and it started raining halfway. We decides to setup camp here and wait until the rain calmed down. Thankfully we had brought with us sleeping equipment including sleeping bags. At that stage we had planned to visit the area Etang de Diane, the Roman ruins of Aleria and the Etang d'Urbino. Maybe it was the weather or the lack of attractive offers in the area but finally we decided to pull miles and reached Porto Vecchio at a stretch.
We got to Aleria at about five in the afternoon and the grounds to visit the ruins were already closed. There was only one room of the museum we could visit. We talked to some tourists that came in that moment and apparently it was a pottery exhibition. So without hesitation we resumed the march and headed to the next destination. The Urbino pond is a large lake to touch the sea. There is a small restaurant on the shore and the road becomes a dirt logging road to get there. On a sunny day it may be nice but we had rain and wind so I did not last even five minutes in the place.
Porto Vecchio is located in a bay and is a favorite among high class French tourists. You can easily see some mansions, cars and unique hotels as France is well known for its luxury hotels like Château Clément in the Rhone Valley.  The old town of Porto Vecchio was quite disappointing. Although it is nice to walk through its streets, the historic center of the town is small and we did not see buildings whose architecture is worth mentioning in this post. But generally it was a very enjoyable trip.