The Japanese Tunnel in Davao City

The Tunnel
One of the attractions found in Davao City is the historical The Japanese Tunnel Resort and Restaurant.The tunnel was created during World War II by the Filipino slaves and prisoners of wars. It served as the hideout of the Japanese soldiers and their belongings.
Entrance to D' Japanese Tunnel Family Resort with two statues of Japanese soldiers
The Tunnel
The entrance of the tunnel is wide but as we go in, it getting narrower.  There are sufficient lights with fan inside the tunnel.

Inside the tunnel a replica of a Japanese Golden Buddha found, and a prayer room. The curator also showed to us the conference room and a statue of a life-size Japanese.
One of the chapels with a Golden Buddha
statue of a life-size Japanese
This place used to be the prison or the bartolin area where Filipino slaves who defied and fought against the Japanese.
Conference room
Replica of a Japanese Golden Buddha
Outdoor Swimming Pool
How to get to D' Japanese Tunnel Family Resort
Located near the end of the Diversion Road in Matina Balusong towards the junction of MacArthur Highway in Matina area, the Resort is easily accessible by public or private transportation,  and is only 20 minutes drive from downtown city proper.

Entrance Fee: Php 50.00