Bohol Delicacy: ALUPI

Have you ever tried eating Alupi? Most of us are not yet aware of this Boholano delicacy. Aside from the Mahogany Man-made Forest, Raja Sikatuna National Park, Butterflies Conservation Center and Lugarita Spring. Bilar is also known of its own delicacy, the Alupi.
Image credit to bethmahilum93
Alupi also considered as a variety of bodbod/suman. Alupi derived its name from the Cebuano terms of its ingredients, A-Lu-Pi. ‘A’ stands for “asukal” or sugar, ‘Lu’ for “Lubi” or coconut and ‘Pi’ for Pilit or glutinous rice. Alupi is a mixture of all the ingredients and wrapped with a banana leaf.

If you happen to pass by the town of Bilar don't forget to try their best Alupi, there are some vendors who are selling in the Bilar Public Market and some vendors who are going to sell inside the bus.