Fuss-free Traveling: Getting Lost in Venice

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Dubbed to be “undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man” (The New York Times),
Venice is simply one of those tourist destinations in the world that just keeps on attracting more visitors despite the fact that fresher and new interesting places have come to emerge. Perhaps that romantic stereotype of leisurely cruising through its huge canals – sharing a sweet moment in a gondola for two against a beautiful backdrop of the world’s finest architecture hasn't yet escaped the wishful imaginations of hopeless romantics around the world.

True enough, Venice is blessed with the finest art and architecture the rest of the world has seen. This small city itself was even declared as a World Heritage Site along with its lagoon. Over time it has also acquired a number of titles including: “City of Water”, “City of Canals”, “Queen of the Adriatic”, and many more.

Traveling takes time – even the planning part
All the romantic movies we’ve seen and all those lovely remarks about Venice sure give us a sense of intrigue in seeing for ourselves the wonder incessantly spoken about it over the years. And if you happen to be on the track of fulfilling such a goal, you have to be set and get prepared ahead of time.

Load up
For one, Venice – just like any other West European destination, can be a pricey city to visit. So unless you’re pretty loaded, you have to save up and accumulate more than enough funds to get to Europe’s most romantic city.

Flights and accommodation

It’s also advisable to buy air tickets early as it can be cheaper especially during non-peak seasons. Accommodations in Venice, on the other hand, can be really expensive. The incredible volume of tourists in the city has caused the value of real estate to surge in a consistent upward direction over time. There are, however, cheaper alternatives to hotels like apartments. You just have to take advantage of websites that allow you to compare your options side by side like Apartment District Venice.

Since Venice is a relatively small city, it’s not too difficult to fix an itinerary for it. Here are some of the top recommended sights to see and activities to engage in:
1.Go to Piazza San Marco
Your Venetian experience will never be complete until you’ve gone to Piazza San Marco, which is the city’s major public square. It holds the title “the drawing room of Europe” and is among the great European urban spaces where voices of the people can be heard amidst the urban roar.
2.The Bridge of Sighs experience
This is a bridge that connects the palace court to the prison, and has earned its name due to the suggestion that convicts would cross this bridge from the palace interrogation room into their prison cell and sigh at their last view of lovely Venice.
3.Party at Carnevale
This masquerade ball is one of the primary events to look forward to in Venice, however, it is also very costly. Happening every year on the city’s streets, this gathering attracts millions of tourists from around the world, so be prepared for a merciless crowd. A cheaper alternative to this is to take a day trip to Venice from Treviso.

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