Enjoy Your Lake County Vacation in a Home away from Home

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How would you like to spend your holidays in the Sunshine State?

The state of Florida, popularly known as the “Sunshine State” is a tourist haven, offering a host of beautiful sceneries and exciting recreational activities other destinations are unfortunately lacking. Florida has everything – from the beautiful and pristine beaches, to the famous theme parks, to wildlife and wilderness. Florida never runs out of things to offer to every traveler that sets foot in this sunny state.

Lake County
One of the counties in Florida is Lake County, located in Central Florida, about 25 miles northwest of Orlando – home to the famous Universal Studios Theme Park. Lake County is a unique place in Florida because unlike most of the state, Lake County has a hilly terrain and has more than 1,400 natural lakes. It is also home to one of Florida’s highest elevations, Mount Dora, at 266 feet above sea level. A chain of large lakes connected by canals and rivers is called the Harris Chain of Lakes, which covers more than 76,000 acres of wetlands.

Reasons to Visit Lake County
Retaining its home country atmosphere, Lake County has more than the lakes to offer. Tourists are lured into the county due to the snow-free and mild winter climate. Lake County’s Mount Dora is a great place to find thrifty treasures from the numerous antique shops and flea markets. Nature lovers will enjoy the pristine woodlands, ecological sites, equestrian trails, natural springs and vast wetlands.

Famous Attractions in Lake County
Families pack their suitcases just before the harsh winter months to enjoy the bright sunshine in Lake County in Florida. Tourists are treated to a host of attractions unique to Lake County, including:
  • Ocala National Forest
  • 26 beautiful golf courses
  • Boating and Fishing at the Harris Chain of Lakes
  • Sailing regattas at the Harris Chain of Lakes
  • Power Boat Racing Events
  • River Venture Swim with Manatee at the Crystal River
  • Florida Carriage Museum and resort for equestrian activities
  • Amazing Exotics Education Center’s Uncle Donald's Farm
  • Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards
  • Birdwatching
  • Van Fleet Trail State Park for hiking
Enjoying Other Activities at Lake County
Lake County offers activities that neutralize the frenetic pace of a super-hectic itinerary. There’s an opportunity to relax afloat down the river tubing in Alexander Springs, or to get close to the alligators that thrive in the swamp, or cruise the most beautiful waterway in the world while marveling at the sand cranes and ospreys. Lake County never sleeps to give tourists great values and fun activities.

A spectacular sight visitors get to enjoy when they visit Lake County is having the opportunity to visit the numerous farms with its lush groves of citrus. Visitors are allowed to hand-pick their choice of fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables such as the sweet navels and tangy tangelos, berries and grapes. Imagine a basketful of delectable, fresh produce direct from the Lake County farms.

Where to Stay
With all of these attractions and exciting holiday activities, families are usually drawn to staying longer than the average holiday package in Lake County. And this can never be a cause of concern because Lake County happens to have a wide array of affordable vacation rentals suited for long-term stay. Tourists have numerous choices of Lake County apartments where they can enjoy all the comforts of a home along with modern facilities and amenities. Families are able to move around in more spacious living areas without having to fork out extra dollars. Visitors enjoy the apartment as their home away from home.

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