Hipster's Guide to Barcelona

Barcelona boasts of a rich and varied culture, a colorful city where the crowds are massive, and the people never running short of energy. No wonder every year, millions of tourists flock there to have a taste of the vibrant and loud life that many others before them have raved about.

If you like reckless beauty and are a fan of the carefree life, you will be enthralled by the way things go in Barcelona. And the first time shouldn't be so difficult to plan, either, because there are tons of sights to see in this buzzing city. Some of them include the following:

1. Works of Gaudi
Antoni Gaudi, a Catalonian who was in the earlier days of his career rejected for his superfluous and deviant approach at architecture, is now the most respected architect in Barcelona. His unfinished yet most renowned masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia church, is one of the leading spots in the city. You can also find other Gaudi works in the grand Passeig de Gracia -- Casa Battlo and Casa Mila where you have to pay for entrance and join in the long queue along with other eager tourists.

2. Shutter-worthy street art in Raval
Raval may have gained some bad reputation for robbers and pickpockets, but over the years and along with the addition of few more establishments in the area, incidences have waned. Take your camera with you and capture the gorgeous street art. Make sure to schedule this during daytime for lovely natural lighting and for safety as well.

3. Watch puppetry and mingle with puppeteers at El Nus
Have some drinks with friends at a small cocktail bar in Barcelona, and be amazed at how puppetry is still pretty much alive and kicking in the city. You can even stir up some conversation with the puppeteers themselves and learn more about the puppetry scene in Barcelona and in other countries of the world as well.

Accommodations in Barcelona
Choosing a good accommodation in Barcelona isn't so difficult especially now that we can practically search for anything through the Internet. When you check ShBarcelona.com's website, remember the following considerations when booking a place:

Your length of stay in the city
If you're staying for a month or more, your best bet is to book a long-term vacation rental. Short-term vacation rentals are also available for those whose stay is shorter.

Your budget
Of course, your budget would highly influence your choices. There are a number of options for low-budget, mid-range, and high class accommodations in Barcelona. If you wish to score lower room rates, the best time to go would be in January and February when tourist population is lesser.

Who you're going with
It's important to take this in consideration because if you're expecting to have kids in tow, special requests and considerations have to be made in order for the room to be conducive and safe for them. If you are going with your partner or spouse, then you might be looking for an exclusive resort. Again, the options are limitless and you can even browse them on the Internet for photos and reviews.