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Moving to a new and better place is something that every individual will eventually feel the need for; it can either be due to climate preferences, career-related, or simply an urge to experience something new. Whatever the reason, one should take into consideration the characteristics of the city he or she is moving to. Among the many factors to consider, the four that must be at the topmost of a person's considerations are: (1) cost of living, (2) career opportunities, (3) climate conditions, and the city’s (4) je ne sais quoi. Taking into regard these four factors, you will find that apartment hunting in Jacksonville is a very smart choice for all those would-be movers.

Here’s why:

1. Easy on the budget
Apartments in Jacksonville are very affordable. Statistics show that living cost of residents there is 3% lesser than people living in other Florida cities. Furthermore, if you compare the cost of living to other cities in America, you will find that the people in Jacksonville spend 5% less. Specifically, gas prices are a percent lower than the national average. So, for those who rely on driving a car to make a living, doing so in Jacksonville is the smarter choice. Not to mention that coffee for these people who are always on-the-go is very affordable because coffee prices are cheaper by a whopping 10%. The aforementioned is just to provide a peek of the low-cost living that a resident of Jacksonville enjoys.

2. Ready opportunities
Work opportunities in Jacksonville are definitely a plus. Job searching in the city is much easier than most would think. One merely has to take the time to look for it or check the internet for postings. To add, Amazon is planning to expand their operations in Jacksonville which is expected to provide jobs such as warehouse personnel, warehouse packers, delivery personnel, and others. This simply means that there will be more job opportunities in the city, which is already numerous to begin with. Thus, the leasing of Jacksonville apartments becomes even more beneficial for anyone planning to relocate therein.

3. Climate you won’t hate
Okay, let’s face it. Americans prefer warm climates. And based on its overall climate, Jacksonville is the city which will provide such preference. Statistically, it’s sunny in the place for almost 250 days each year; and just like all other Florida cities, it produces 0 inches of snow per year. Also, considering that it is a coastal city, it is one of those that suffers less damage from hurricanes than others. So, “climate conditions” – check!

4. Beaches!
Last but certainly not the least, the city’s je ne sais quoi—the beaches. If you rent an apartment here, you’ll be within a 12-mile radius from the shore. The city is most certainly ready to meet any person’s recreational needs: it has a long stretch of beaches—beaches that each have something unique to offer, and caters to persons of all backgrounds. You can go surfing, fish with your kids, or enjoy sporting activities like golf or beach volleyball. There are 3 main beaches in the city’s coastline: Jacksonville Beach which is ideal for surfing and sun-tanning; Atlantic beach—the most popular—is ideal for family fun, and Neptune beach for those yuppies looking for parties and great dining experiences.

Overall, moving to Jacksonville definitely is the right choice. It is financially advantageous while still providing conditions that satisfies your living and recreational needs.

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