Journey through the Bars of the Capital: Madrid!

You have chosen Spain for your holiday this year or you know that sooner or later you will want to visit the Iberian Peninsula?! Do you already know before starting thanks to gowithoh what are the most exclusive bars in the Spanish capital? Here's a super careful selection of some of the most original and fun that you can find!

Las cuevas de Sando: The mysteries of the caves
Near the Plaza de Santo Domingo is this sophisticated cave dating back to the sixteenth century and the Spanish Inquisition home to a very glamorous and super colorful place. It's a perfect place to spend an evening in the company of others as it is said to have wonderful mojito and also on Wednesdays you can participate in a contest where you can indulge your creativity when it comes to cocktails and enjoy their creations. The proposer of the best wins a dinner cocktail in the other dining room of the cave!

13 TriBall: Urban Night
The 13 TriBall is a very fun set in a room filled with street art that offers in addition to the scenario underground also a wide selection of cocktails and music every day including indie, soul, electro and more. Another peculiarity of the place are the exhibitions of paintings and photographs inside. But the peculiarity of this place is that customers themselves can bring their own food and enjoy it inside consuming of one of the many local beers proposed by the paper or for the faithful also a great Spritz!
Coconut Bar: Aloha!
In the center of Madrid, in a very artistic part with all its many theaters Silvia Superstar, a former vocalist of Aerolineas Federales y Killer Barbies, inaugurated this local Hawaiian 50s style here. The fabulous Coconut Bar covers two floors. The first floor is where you can have a coffee or enjoy drinks and smoothies and a basement used as a cocktail bar with a wide selection of tropical cocktails. It´s a must visit bar of course! Rich colors, palm trees and kitsch decorations with vintage details is a place that is definitely worth a visit!