5 Items Every Man Should Have in Their Tote Bag

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Shoulder bags are not just for women. Many men are finding that having a stylish leather tote bag to carry around items they use on a regular basis is much more convenient than keeping everything in their car. Besides the expected phone, wallet and keys, here are a few things you should try keeping in your tote bag if you are a guy.

1. Duct Tape

Duct tape can fix any problem almost instantly. You never know when you will be stuck in a situation where you really wish you had a roll of duct tape to help you out. This tape is extremely versatile and can be used to keep up your car window, cover up a hole in the bottom of your shoe, or even put together your cell phone after it falls down a flight of stairs accidentally. Keeping a roll of this in your tote bag will keep you from ever wishing for a piece of this strong, flexible, and durable tape.

2. Something to Write on and With
Going in for a job interview or trying to write down a set of directions without a pen is a recipe for disaster. Men’s leather bags usually come with several compartments where you can slip a small notepad and pen in without the pen ever becoming lost in the depths of your bag. Prevent yourself from writing down important information when you are out and about on an old receipt and keep a decent pen and notepad in your bag.

3. Camera
Cameras are expensive pieces of equipment and keeping your camera around your neck or in your hand when you are out can easily put this item in harm’s way. Keeping your camera in your bag will prevent you from ever leaving it in a place where it might get stolen and will protect it from getting dropped or bumped by a passing individual. Not only will your camera be safe in your tote bag, but it will always be accessible when you encounter a photo-worthy moment.

4. Lock-pick Kit
The next time you hire a lock-smith to come unlock your car door, ask him if he has an extra lock-pick kit that you could purchase. Or, try finding one online to keep in your tote bag. These kits are relatively inexpensive and are a great asset to have on hand at all times. Having the ability to unlock your friend’s car door when they lock their keys in their vehicle may make you the most popular man among your circle of friends.

5. Grooming Items
Women are notorious for keeping a make-up store’s worth of grooming products in their purses. You don’t have to keep every grooming item you own in your tote bag, but a few select items may help you out if you have to go straight from work to a date or find yourself with a stain on your shirt after lunch. Keep a small stick of deodorant, nail clippers, and a comb in your tote bag so that you stay looking your best throughout the day. If you want to take it a step further, keep a small sample of your favorite cologne in your tote bag as well.

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