Adventure Awaits at Caravan Parks in North Wales

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You can stay at Caravan parks in North Wales and visit any of the several nearby attractions and adventures on your North Wales vacation or weekend getaway retreat. This is a central and convenient location to stay in comfort, tranquility, and luxury. They have all the modern comforts and conveniences you will need.

Nature lovers and thrill seekers can take day trips and experience the world famous adventures, tours, and parks that are available in North Wales. This is a great destination from which to explore North Wales and soak up and enjoy all the sights and culture.
You can strap yourself in and prepare for the ride of a lifetime as you hop onto the zip line tour at Zip world. It is the longest and fastest zip line tour in all of Europe and easy to get to from the Caravan Parks in North Wales. It’s an outdoor adventure tour and ride that takes approximately two hours.

Dress warm and wear or take along water proof clothing so you will not get wet. You will be suspended at over 500ft in the air and travel at speeds in excess of 100mph. This experience will probably be the closest you will ever come to feeling the thrill of flying through the air.

It’s an opportunity to see the country side from high up in the air. You will enjoy a bird’s eye view and 360 degree view of the mountains and the lake below. There are two zip lines designed with your comfort and speed in mind. One will take you to your first destination to collect an all terrain vehicle and continue the adventure with a tour of the quarry. Then it's back onto the zip line for another thrilling zip ride, right back to where you started and then back home to Caravan Park in North Wales.

Your vacation retreat at Caravan Parks in North Wales would not be complete without exploring the trails, the flora, and fauna of North Wales largest National Park, Snowdonia. The park is just a short distance away and is home to the highest mountain range in all of Wales as well as its largest natural lake.

Spending time here will bring you closer to nature as you enjoy the diverse landscapes, breathtaking mountain ranges, waterfalls, gorges, rivers, and valleys. Breathe in the crisp clean mountain air. You can spend hours alone or with relatives and friend exploring, learning, and basking in the rich history and culture of the quaint welsh villages.

There is something for everyone to do and enjoy. You can enjoy a whole host of outdoor leisure activities including biking, hiking, nature walks, and trails. There are miles and miles of coastline to explore as well as sandy beaches that add to the parks appeal and diversity.
After a day of exploring and adventure, return home to the comfort and relaxation that awaits you at Caravan Parks in North Wales. Enjoy a meal and a warm bath and make plans for another thrilling day of sightseeing. Oakfield are a carvan park in North Wales

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