Weirdest Foods From Around the World

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What foods did you refuse to eat when you were growing up? Broccoli, brussel sprouts or peas? How about tuna eyeballs or a plateful of insects?

Around the world there are loads of different and strange foods, but here are just 10 that you’re unlikely to see in your local supermarket!

  1. Balut

How do you like your eggs in the morning? How about with a fertilised duck embryo! Balut is a popular dish in South East Asia especially in the Philippines, where eggs can range from being 17 days into development to 21 days, just long enough to get a good crunch from the beak

2. Escamole
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Considered a delicacy in Mexico, Escalmole is ant larvae specially harvested from agavae plant roots. Sometimes referred to as ‘insect caviar’, with a butter and nutty flavour.

3. Surstromming
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A dish from the north a Sweden made up of fermented baltic herring. Sold in cans, it continues to ferment even as it travels around the world making it bulge! Studies show that surstromming makes one of the most disgusting smells in the world, so I’d recommend eating outdoors, far away from anyone else.

4. Sannakji
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How do you like your octopus cooked? Raw? Good, because sannakji is served very raw! After the octopus is dismembered in front of you, the chef then seasons the still moving pieces with sesame oil. Good luck trying to catch them with your chopsticks.

5. Lutefisk
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A delicacy in Scandinavia, made from aged stockfish which has been soaked in lye for several days. The lye is so corrosive that the lutefisk needs to be immersed in cold water for nearly a week just to make it edible.

6. Casu Marzu
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A treat in Sardinia, Casu Marzu is cheese made of sheep milk with live insect larvae. If that wasn't bad enough, the tiny larvae are able to launch themselves 15cm when distressed!

7. Nakji
Similar to Sannakji but this time the octopus is eaten whole instead. Be careful when eating Nakji though, the suckers on the tentacles have been known to stick to the mouth and tongue and cause choking. Eat at your own risk!

8. Haggis
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A well-known Scottish dish, all that is required for haggis is a sheep. Just take the heart, liver and lungs and boil them in the sheep’s stomach for several hours.

9. Fugu

A Japanese dish, and a real delicacy. Fugu is so poisonous that chefs go through years of training in order to prepare the pufferfish properly. The final exam? They have to eat the fish they prepared. Laws strictly control how and where fugu is made, but that hasn't stopped some households attempting to make it themselves, with fatal consequences.
  1. Tuna Eyeball
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If you’re shopping in a Japanese supermarket you might notice the seafood section keeping an eye on you, a giant tuna eye. With added flavours from the fish fat and muscles around it, it is apparently very tasty. Just cook and season, and maybe avoid looking directly at it.

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