Sri Lanka is friendly relaxed country that welcomes eager visitors to explore its breathtaking wonders. It offers miles sandy beaches stretching along its beautiful coastline, ancient ruins, rolling vistas of foothill, wildlife and affordable delicious food.

Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka that is lively and entertaining, from elephant shows to galleries and museums. It is also home to cheap accommodations and restaurants serving local delicacies.

Travelling by train is cheaper and more comfortable than buses, though railways are sparse, whenever possible use trains. There are many youth hostels in Sri Lanka in Colombo, Galle, Hikkaduwa and Pottuvil, which are ideal for backpackers.

Morocco is fascinating for all kinds of travelers, for backpackers it is a dream destination. It is full of dynamic contrasts and exploring it will leave memorable scars in your minds memory card. You will find dry deserts, rugged mountains, lush palm oases and dramatic coastlines. You will come across pulsating cities and charming untouched little villages.

Marrakech is one of the most popular cities in Morocco bustling with activities day and night. The Djemma El Fna Square offers free entertainment of fire-eaters, fortunetellers and dancers. It is a place to sit and enjoy all the action as you treat your palate to Moroccan delicacies in a street café.

Adventure is never far off in Morocco and you can venture to the rugged Atlas ranges or the Sahara desert for exciting activities. The Moroccan beaches offer relaxation with relaxing sea breezes in laid-back towns such as Essaouira.

India has been a cheap destination but with the amount of attention it is getting from tourists, it is slowly becoming expensive. However, it is still possible to backpack in India and enjoy its array of attractions. India has fascinating attractions that will blow your mind, from monuments to castles and from mountains to deserts; it is overwhelming.  As a backpacker, there are some exciting authentic experiences that are exclusive only to backpackers and that will make your travel more memorable. From waiting on a crowded railway station to staying in a shabby hotel in the village and sampling the spices and street food in the markets, these seemingly ‘little’ things are what introduces you to the way of life of India. Small issues are common place when traversing India though, so be sure to get a good insurance policy to cover you just in case.

The Greek Island have been a travelers delight for ages, the intriguing mysteries, abundant historical treasures, splendid beaches, sun kissed villages and Greek hospitality seem to keep strangers popping up each year for a piece of heaven. From backpackers on a tight budget to luxury travelers, the Greek Islandsprovide a holiday destination for everyone (find them at cyplon.co.uk) .

Getting from one island is easier and cheaper by means of ferries. Accommodation on the other had has changed drastically from the days when old women lined up ferry terminals offering rooms in their houses. However, you can still find affordable accommodation in the islands in form hostels to apartments. The food in Greece is world famous and restaurants to suit all budgets line up the beaches. However, if your budget is too stretches, you can grab some food from supermarkets.

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