Travelling to the USA introduces you to a fascinating world where everything is bigger, the skyscrapers are taller, the deserts and national are endless. The celebrities are also massive ranging from rock stars to movie stars. It is also an expensive destination but can be easily affordable if you avoid the tourist traps, travel by bus and avoid staying in the major cities where accommodation is expensive. It is an all season’s destination and road trips are ideal to explore more regions. Camping is also common in the USA and can be a great alternative accommodation.

Though most European countries are expensive, Germany is a relatively cheap destination with Berlin being one of the cheapest cities in Europe. You can enjoy traveling in Germany on a budget without necessarily having a boring trip. Travel to German during off-season when everything including airfare is cheap. Stay in hostels, avoid the pricey hotels, and travel from one destination to the next via trains. Make use of city passes in major cities to reduce cost on transport and attractions and finally eat in local eateries known as Imbiss for great but cheap meals.

Tanzania is a magnificent country with vast game parks, majestic Kilimanjaro Mountains and the stunning Zanzibar Island. It is truly rich in natural wealth; from Kilimanjaro and Serengeti in the North to the Chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park in Western Tanzania and the gorgeous beaches in Zanzibar, it is a must visit destination in Africa. With its entire splendor, Tanzania is one of the most affordable safari destinations in Africa and you can even volunteer there to make things even more better value. The trick is to avoid the touristic areas and stay in the apartments or camping along the beach.

If you can accommodate the pricey airfare and get all the way to India, you will find favorable exchange rate, inexpensive accommodation, numerous free attractions, wildly affordable dining and shopping. The cities of Mumbai and New Delhi are at the forefront of the worlds mostaffordable. Food, accommodation and services are considerably affordable. It is a country rich in culture, history and famous for its spicy cuisine yet very easy to travel on a shoe string budget.

Burma is one of the rising touristic countries that have something for everyone. It is rich in (albeit tumultuous) cultural history, geographically diverse and has more monks per capita than any other place on the planet. You can get around Myanmar by bus especially at night to avoid accommodation costs or by boats, which are affordable. Accommodation is in form of guest rooms for budget travelers with double beds but even more cost effective with a travel partner.  Street food is spicy and affordable so hunger in Burma is out of question.

If you are looking for azure waters and silky white sandy beaches and cannot afford the pricy Caribbean Islands then head to the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic remains a bastion of value in a sea of high prices. With extremely affordable services including carriers such as Airtran, Frontier and JetBlue and incredible selection of budget hotels, the Dominican Republic seems to have endless supplies of affordable options.

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