Awesome ATV Sand Dune Experience in Qatar

If you’re an Expat in Qatar, make sure that you experience this kind of adventure that you’ll only experience only in a desert like here in Qatar.
I have wanted to do this action even since I was in Saudi Arabia but I never had the chance until I came here in Qatar. It was holiday when we tried this together with my colleagues Mark, Jerson, Jerome and new found friend Leah (Jeromes’s bestfriend), the mastermind hahaha. According to her, there are several areas in Qatar where you can ride an ATV and drive along desert sand particularly Eastern part of Qatar but she was preferred at Mesaieed area which near from our accommodation.
Before we reach the Messaieed town, you can already see the hilly sands on the side of the road. We arrived at Messaieed town just near the sealine at around 11 am. We stopped at a shop where you can rent ATVs and they offered us lower price. No entrance fees but you need to pay QR 200 for an hour ride.
It took me a while before I had the bravery to bring the ATV up the sand. The excitement is extreme and the thrill is high. Need to be careful in slowing down. Otherwise, sand will trap its wheels and you’ll have a trouble getting out.
With Leah, Jerson and Mark ( behind the camera si Jerome hahah)
with Mark and Jerson
It was truly an amazing experience. Driving up to the top of the mountainous sand then sliding down to the bottom ground and doing it all over again.

Thank you to Ms. Leah tungod nimo ka sulay jud intawon mi ingani nga kasinatian.