Want to Survive a Cruise? Here’s an Essential Guide to Doing So

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Cruises are a very popular type of holiday and thousands of people each year choose to see the world from the comfort of their cabin, making the most of all the on-board facilities and getting a chance to visit some truly fantastic destinations whenever the ship makes harbour. However, in recent years, cruise ship holidays have received some fairly bad press and many tourists are being put off. Concerns about safety or the social scene are among many people's worries, but there is no need for these to prohibit you from cruising, as there are solutions available.
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It is quite possible that, in spending so much time in shared spaces with the same people, you might get a little tired of their company. Certainly one of the worst possibilities is being stuck with people who insist on discussing previous cruises and comparing them with the current one. Chances are these people will have very different tastes to you and you've got more chance to getting tired of their company than you have of learning anything new. Thankfully, an increasing number of cruises no longer operate the policy where you have to sit next to the same people for every meal and there is often a range of on-board restaurants and dining rooms to choose from.

Perhaps it is the fault of Hollywood films such as The Poseidon Adventure that many consider cruises to be rife with danger at every turn. In reality, these ships are very solidly built and advanced technology allows them to be incredibly safe. The bigger concern is not enormous waves, but rather illness. If it strikes on what is essentially a very confined space, it can spread dangerously quickly and leave many passengers unable to enjoy their trip. Thankfully, the risk of lawsuits has encouraged most cruise operators to implement many safety measures, including glass covers for food and alcohol gel readily available.

As mentioned above, the days of sitting at the same table in the same dining room and being served dishes restricted to the set menu are mostly gone. Now, cruise ships have a huge range of different eateries to choose from, often representing many different global cuisines. One of the big concerns is about piling on the pounds on a cruise because of the many all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets and snacks and treats left in your cabin, but now the focus is more towards healthy eating, smoothie bars, sushi restaurants and fitness-oriented menus on offer. That's not to say that a bit of indulgence now and then isn't possible!

In recent years, many holidaymakers are keen to know that their chosen trip isn't doing any undue harm to the environment or the people involved. Cruise ships have a fairly dodgy record, including concerns about pollution outweighing that of long-haul flights and on-board staff working 18-hour shifts, but that is starting to change now. Cruise ships are investing in environmentally friendly technology to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise any damage that they inflict on the world around them. In addition, the Responsible Travel awards help to mark out the cruise providers who are the best for these criteria.

Overall, a cruise may not be the type of holiday that appeals to everyone and there are many reasons for this, but in recent times there has been a great change in fortunes and there are lots of ways to counter the traditional criticisms of these types of trips. The most important thing is to do your research before you travel and choose the right cruise.

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