Private Jet Flights vs. Commercial Flights

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It’s your fault for not being organised
You have arrived at the airport with very little time to board the aircraft and you find yourself spending a precious half hour taking your (complicated) shoes on and off, taking your laptop out and back in, putting your liquids in a clear bag, trying to persuade security to let you take on board your liquids that are over the 100 ml restriction, then you find yourself needing the loo because you refuse to use the toilets on board (who can blame you). Sounds stressful huh? But you have no choice so you continue the long-winded process. You've got your shoes on and everything’s now back inside your luggage, you've emptied your bladder and now its time to run and get to the gate! You reach the gate gasping for air only to find out you've missed the flight anyway! With increased security procedures like full body x-ray scans you can be sure you’re next commercial flight will be just as hell!

Now lets flip the coin and imagine you have a private jet flight. You've packed as much as you want with whatever size liquids your heart desires and wearing the most complicated shoes ever designed. You phone your pilot make sure the flight is still set to leave on time, you then arrive to the airport get on your private jet, drink some champagne, put your feet up, unwind and fly. No worries no stress.
Torturous vs. Prestigious
You’re finally on board attentively checking your seat number and examining the arrangement, silently praying for that window seat. You've even dressed in your best clothes, made small talk with the cabin crew with the hope they will upgrade you to first class; only to find you've been designated the middle seat right by the toilets and your tricks for that upgrade just didn't work! Sat in your chair of torture with 5 inches of “space” all around you with two strangers on either side you buckle up and painfully wait.
Now imagine what the comfort would be like in your very own private jet. Luxurious bedding, couches, footrest, desk and a dining table perhaps?
Endless journey and traffic
You've arrived at your destination relieved to get off the chair of torture. Dehydrated, bursting to use the loo, with a severe neck cramp, you've got through the awfully long arrivals queue, sat in cab to get to your hotel, which is another torturous 2 hours away from the airport!
But in you’re private jet your lovely pilot will land at the closest airport to your final destination. Less traffic both on air and on the ground.

That Thing Called Privacy
Sure, your life is no Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt but riding a private jet is the best way to go incognito. Travelling is no excuse for putting business matters on hold. Private jets provide that much needed confidentiality for the business execs.

Man’s Best Friend Gets to Sit With His Best Friend

Dogs are often treated like luggage since they are transported and stored underneath the aircraft. At high altitudes, your pet could end up getting very cold. With a private jet – just as long as you ask for permission first – your beloved pet can actually get to sip that champagne with you (alright, maybe it won’t be sipping your drinks with you but you do get the picture!).

Ride the Most Modern Aircraft's
Commercial planes are often at least 25 years old. They can break down and they can get pretty slow. Chartering that private ride means you can choose the latest jet models. This means you can fly more safely so that you get to your destination in one piece.        

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