Mount Tagapo - My First Mountaineering Experience

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My first mountaineering experience was at Mount Tagapo, also known as Susong Dalaga which literally translates to " A Virgin's Breast " According to wikipedia: Two huge mounds of conical hills resembling the female breast, which are the highest peak of the Island. Hmmm... kaya pala.
I arrived in EDSA Central Crossing to met our companions Mark and Jeffrey at 5:00 A.M. We left EDSA crossing at  5:30 and rode a jeep bound to Binangonan Port. We arrived in Binangonan at around 7:00 A.M.   At 7:15 we were already in a boat, ready for off to Brgy. Janosa, Talim Island. 
Given the fact that I was not even geared up for the climb, wearing only a sando, short and slippers, at first I was really nervous but I thought to myself, kakayanin ko kaya? Oh my God, what have I got to lose? hahahh
It was really relaxing seeing different views of Laguna de Bay some fishermen that are harvesting their fishes on their ponds. We arrived around 9:00 A.M in Brgy. Janosa, Talim Island where as usual, one has to register his/her name in the Barangay Hall. It's like an SOP for those who will embark on any journey to the mountains and take a rest for a while and met Archie , our guide.
And so, the climb begins..............
The trail is easy especially at the starting point but some parts are confusing so hiring a guide is a must. Actually , for first timers like me, it was still challenging. After a few minutes , Archie showed us a mango tree which was there for ages, which was the first stop of the journey. After few minutes of rest, we resumed the climb. This time, it was harder since the slopes were way steeper, but yet, the nature's view just took away all the tiredness.
We were starting to feel the pressure in our legs, lalo na talaga ako hahahahah,so Archie made us a walking stick made from bamboo.
Before we head to the summit , a wonderful sight to see is the swaying of green grasses as if glowing under the sun. 
It was so beautiful ! I fell in love with the place. The feeling was unexplainable. Sigh!

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